Saturday, October 25, 2008

This just in: Morgan turns down a free cupcake

The wagon. I'm on it. Again.

I met up with my running group at 7:30 this morning with the intention of putting in 6 miles. Should be chump change compared to last weekend, I thought. Not so much. I got it done, but it was more difficult than I thought it would be.

After we were done, we got breakfast and then popped into Macy's. They were having a big 150th "birthday" celebration, and there was a huge tower of cupcakes. White cake. White icing. Sprinkles. If you're a newer reader and unfamiliar with my love of cupcakes, you can catch up by reading this post.

I turned it down, which surprised my friends, and me as well. Part of the reason I turned it down is because I was finally able to book an appointment with a personal trainer, and I'm meeting him at noon today. I didn't want my first session to be tainted by cupcake confessionals. I haven't even met the guy yet, and already I'm afraid of him giving me a scornful or disappointed look.

I'll be sure and write a post about the experience. Hopefully I'll get a good vibe from him and want to book more sessions.


kate said...

Turning down free food, especially if its cakey, can be so hard! :) Hope things went well with the trainer.

Linden said...

Way to go on turning down the free cupcake! That's amazing.

I didn't even manage 1 mile the week after my marathon. The most I've done since is three miles. WAY TO GO FOR COMPLETING 6! WOW!!!

Can't wait to hear how it goes with the personal trainer.

JanetM97 said...

One of my blogging friends suggested we check out your blog. Congrats on the marathon and, now, the passing on the free cupcake. Both amazing! :D

I sometimes ponder about training for a marathon. My furthest race was 30K and that seemed very, very far. Love your post about your marathon run. Kind of makes me consider a marathon again. :)

deanna said...

And how awesome were the sales at MACY*S? I got some nice loot for great prices!!

good job, re: cupcakes!

Sarah said...

Good job on the cupcake. One mental mind trick I use is to tell myself.

Self-- how many cupcakes have you had in the past? Many, right? And you know what a cupcake taste like and you know how many calories are in it... So self, why indulge in something that is only going to make you feel bad about yourself when it isn't the appropriate time for a treat?

Often it works. But not always. Keep turning things down and it will get easier and it will also have the added benefit of making the things you do say yes to that much tastier!

Congrats on catching back up to your wagon and hoping on!