Monday, October 27, 2008

The Punisher

I've started to live in fear of putting my pants through the washer and dryer. It seems like each time I do, they get a size smaller. Wishful thinking, I know. My pants aren't getting smaller; I'm getting bigger.

At my personal trainer appointment on Saturday, the trainer put me on the scale, and measured my body fat as well. The body fat percentage was 30%. I'm not quite ready to reveal my weight to the world wide web right now. However, I promise, no matter what the number is- I will post it on Saturday. I just want a few days to see what I can do.

Apart from my showdown with the scale, my appointment went well. When I entered the facility and met The Punisher (as he will be called henceforth), I was slightly taken aback when I saw he wasn't a beefcake. In fact, it looks like he's eaten a little too much beef and cake lately. I'm not one to judge a person's fitness on his or her size, though. As I've seen time and time again, overweight people can often put skinny people to shame with their physical abilities.

He put me on the treadmill for a few minutes to warm up. I wasn't very enthused about being on the "dreadmill" after a long run that very morning, but it was only a warm up. He then put me through several circuits of weights, cardio, squats, crunches, and even some boxing. Switching exercises so frequently kept things interesting and moving along.

When I walked out (after pre-paying for 4 more sessions), I wondered if I'd gotten my money's worth. For some reason, I was expecting to be beaten and bludgeoned into a tenderized, weepy pulp. But, I wasn't even sore, and I wasn't sweating very much.

The next day, I was whistling a different tune, and the name of that tune was "When Oh When (Will My Thighs Work Again)." The Punisher hath reigned his sneaky, delayed-onset torture upon me. To add insult to agony, he gave me homework. I did my first assignment tonight, and I'm sure I'll be even more sore tomorrow (if that's even possible). My next appointment is Thursday.

I shall now hobble to bed.


SuperDave said...

I desperately need to get to the gym and work other body parts.

Matt Keeling said...

A: I agree with Dave. Not sure I can recall how to get there.

B: Call me a masochist but I enjoy the soreness from a great workout.

Your doing great! Keep it up!

spunkysuzi said...

I agree i actually like to be able to feel that i've worked out and the next day happening is the best :)

moi.bloggirl said...

Un-Lurking myself to let you know that you are funny!! I am sure that you didnt mean to have us to LOL but I did..


ps - I like the name Punisher

deanna said...

too funny, at the gym last night while walking out I saw a trainer training someone and I said to myself someday you will get a trainer - hopefully someday soon, but until that time I will live vicariously through you!! glad you got your $$$$'s worth!

mongolove said...

LOL. Nice song :)