Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shock the Morgan

Before I forget, I'd like to congratulate Sarah C. for winning last week's Progresso Giveaway. I'd also like to again thank Progresso for allowing me to review their products.

Now, on to the topic for today, which is the treadmill. I decided to take a spin on the old thing yesterday. A desire to workout is very rare for me, so the second the idea crossed my mind, I put on my running shoes and tuned the iPod to Lady GaGa. I didn't wear anything else- just the shoes and the iPod. Just kidding. Heh. I'm in a playful and sarcastic mood right now. Lucky you, huh?

"We meet again," I muttered as I walked into our spare room (aka "The Dogs' Room) and made eye contact with Mr. Dreadmill. Hopping on and plugging him in (yes, the treadmill is male, and no, I don't know why) I saw the odometer flash by. 846 miles. That's how many miles I've gone on that damn thing, and still have never left the house. I find that pretty damn awesome.

Ever since we've had it, it's had a built-in torture device which I don't think the manufacturer intended on. It shocks me. All the time. I'll be walking (or, in my thinner days, running) along, then I'll touch one of the bars and ZAPPP. It hurts, and I can see the spark. That's not normal, right? The warranty is long expired, so I doubt we'll be getting it fixed any time soon. It's not the outlet. I plugged it into a different outlet once and the same thing happened.

Yesterday I decided I could use the electricity to my advantage. Every time I thought of giving up early, I touched the bars. I'd see the little hairs on my arms stand up and I'd yell "Woop!" and keep going. Negative reinforcement SUCCESS.

Until it gets nicer outside, I'm stuck with the thing, so I may as well find a way to get along with it.