Friday, June 13, 2008

My first tag!

I've been tagged by Topher over at I'll Run for Donuts! I'm supposed to answer 5 questions about running, then tag 5 more people. So, I'm tagging... KC Tri Chick, Jaime, Running Chick with the Orange Hat, Abby Runs, and April Anne. I'll go to their blogs and let them know they've been tagged, and then hopefully they'll answer these questions, then come back here and let me know.

1. How would I describe my running 10 years ago?

Let's see...nonexistent. 10 years ago, I was a pack-a-day smoker who weighed about 200 lbs. I'd just gone through a terrible breakup and spent most of my time crying and pining away for the person who'd just dumped me. Running was the last thing on my mind.

2. What is your best and worst race experience?

I've been in 8 races so far, and all of them were special to me. It just won't be possible for me to pick a favorite. They were all meaningful for different reasons.

For the worst, I'm sorry to say the Dragon Dash 5K was not a pleasant experience. First, they screwed up and listed me as a male. This skewed my results and also was embarrassing. Secondly, I pushed it really hard and seriously almost passed out after crossing the finish line.

3. Why do you run?

I'd love to tell you that I run because it's a spiritual, zen-like meditation for me. That, however, would be a lie. My main reason for running is to maintain a 100-lb. weight loss. When I first starting losing the weight, walking was enough to keep the pounds coming off, but not anymore.

Now that I've been running for a while, I find that I do get a sense of enjoyment from it, but this feeling typically arrives after the run is over. I've experienced the runner's high once or twice, but it was fleeting, and I'll likely spend the rest of my running life trying to feel it again.

Really, there are lots of reasons I run. I like to go to races and be part of a community. There's definitely a sense of accomplishment after I complete a run. The solitude is nice. My calf muscles are insane. I run because, finally, I can. When I was obese, just running to the refrigerator was a struggle. I run to inspire others. My girlfriend just ran her first 10-minute mile last weekend, and my dad came to the track with me last night to try his first steps as a new runner.

4. What is the best or worst piece of advice you've been given about running?

You are only competing with yourself. Unless you're an elite athlete, let's face it- you're probably not going to win a marathon any time soon. So, don't worry about how fast so-and-so ran whatever race, or how many miles your coworker logged last week. It's all about what works for you.

So far, I've not received any bad advice. All the runners I've encountered are kind, helpful people, and they want to see you succeed at your goals.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

I spend an unnatural amount time in front of the mirror flexing my arm muscles. Like, several minutes every day. It's weird.


Topher said...

Good to know about the Dragon Dash. I saw a brochure for it at Planet Sub once (by the way, they have $2 turkey subs the day after the Royals win. They won last night.) I was this close to taking the boys to it, but now I'm glad I didn't waste my time and cash.

Running Chick said...

Hi Morgan! Thanks for letting me know that I'd been tagged...and this looks like a one I can actually answer!

After reading your answers though... I might be able to just copy and paste! LOL.

Give me a few days and I'll post my answers. Thanks for the visit and the tag.

The Lady of Things Forgotten said...

As long as you're not flexing and muttering "Who wants two tickets to the *gun* show?" *flex* you should be fine!

Matthew Barney Gumble said...

"I run to inspire others."

Mission accomplished. Shena turned me on to your blog not so long ago when I finally made up my mind to start fixing my health. I am utterly addicted to it - you're definitely helping to keep me on the straight and narrow. Don't worry about being too honest with your readers - the failures go hand in hand with the successes, no? Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for writing this.

Tom@RunnersLounge said...

Topher knows how to pick interesting runners.

Thanks for sharing your responses and your great success fitness story.

april anne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the tag.