Friday, June 13, 2008

The fountain of doom

There have been numerous occasions on this blog when I've complained about the ridiculous amount of treats that infect my workplace. On any given day, stroll around my office and you'll surely find something to eat. The other day, in a very public display of humiliation, I gorged myself on approximately 20 mini Snickers (no, I'm not exaggerating), pizza, chips and salsa, and cake.

Today, they had a ranch dressing fountain.

You know those fountains... the ones where they normally put chocolate, right? Well, some genius decided it would be an awesome idea to water down some Hidden Valley and put it in a fountain. When I walked into the surrounding area, the smell of ranch permeating the air about made me lose my lunch. I really hate the stuff, so thankfully I was in no danger. It was so gross. A bunch of us were standing around it, wondering what other dumb things one could put in a fountain. Jams and jellies were my vote. Someone mentioned peanut butter, then someone just said butter.

I was afraid you wouldn't believe me, so I actually shot some video of it. Here you go.


Anonymous said...

Lurking and enjoying your success and identifying with your food issues. The Ranch Fountain is a nasty concept! Kala

spunkysuzi said...

The smell of ranch dressing would make me gag!!

The Lady of Things Forgotten said...

So bizarre. I saw the email about the ranch fountain but didn't get around to checking it out. I'm so glad you took video because I wouldn't have believed it otherwise!

kilax said...

Wow. That is so disgusting. I can't imagine why someone would think that is a good idea!