Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Spirit of the Marathon

The Kansas City Marathon is months away. I haven't even started my official training program yet, although I'm running around 20 miles per week. Right now, I'm basically training in preparation for the more difficult training that looms ahead. In June, I'll join a local running group that offers instruction, group runs, and a specific training guide for my goal of running 26.2 miles on October 18, 2008.

When I think ahead to October and imagine myself running in the marathon, my stomach starts churning and I get sweaty and tense. I can envision myself crossing the finish line and breaking into tears of happiness and exhaustion. I'm nervous, but so excited.

There's a film called The Spirit of the Marathon which chronicles the experiences of both amateur and elite athletes. Since the film isn't available in my city, I've never seen it. However, I bet I've watched the preview on YouTube at least ten times. Each time I've watched it, I've gotten chills and almost started crying. I dare you to watch it and not be moved!


MaryFran said...

You are so right. The trailer/movie clip was quite moving! Over the last year or so I've slowly started adding some jogging into my workout routine. After watching the clip, I"m ready to don my tennis shoes and get out there right now!

Good luck with your 'pre-training' and the training to follow.

Topher said...

Just found your blog. I just registered for the KC Marathon, and now am wondering "wha'd I go and do THAT for?" I've come to love running and guess that's just the natural next step.

Good luck training this summer. Ick, just the thought of humidity makes me ill. Too bad you missed the movie when it played back in Feb or March, can't remember when. I got to go see it. Should be out on DVD sometime, I'd imagine.

abby suzanne said...

Just ordered tickets for me and three friends - it is showing here in Boulder 3 days before the Bolder Boulder 10K (my first!). It should get me pumped up!