Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bonnie Franklin style

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. Last Saturday, I broke my previous 5K time and I was on top of the world. That same day, I felt like a failure for making bad choices at a family barbeque. At that point, the vicious circle (binge = guilt = another binge) kicked in, and my poor choices continued into Sunday and Monday. I was seriously concerned that I was on the path back to obesity. My behavior was reminiscent of the old me- a "me" I don't ever want to be again.

My girlfriend Angie struggles with compulsive eating as well, and she has been equally frustrated by her choices. On Monday night, after succumbing to a frozen yogurt craving, we were wondering how the hell to break out of this sabotaging pattern we'd found ourselves in. We made a promise to each other that the next day would be full of only healthy choices and on-plan eating. Just one day. We weren't going to worry about the day after that or the weekend. Bonnie Franklin style- One Day at a Time.

Tuesday went really well. Since I'd made a promise to someone else, it was a lot easier for me to resist tempting foods. Angie stuck to it, too. Before bed that night, we made the same pact for the following day. This is the third day of renewing our promise to make good choices, and so far it's been a wonderful system.

Angie's workplace is like a battlefield of unhealthy foods- it's even worse than my job (which is pretty bad). She works with a guy who constantly orders pizza, Chinese food, and Philly cheese steaks for the entire department. The "treat area" is very close to her desk, so I know it's been hard for her to smell the aromas and watch other people eat that kind of stuff. I'm really proud of her.

In other news...

I made an appointment with a psychologist for Friday, May 23rd. I spoke with her on the phone and she seems very nice and easy to talk to, which are obviously the qualities one looks for in a therapist. I'll let you know how it goes.

I also received a nice compliment from a coworker today. She came up to my desk and very quietly whispered that she normally doesn't comment on others' weight loss, but she thought I was looking very healthy. I can't remember exactly how she worded it, but it was very thoughtful and kind.

Now that I've rambled on forever, I think it's time to go. Until tomorrow...take it one day at a time!


mongolove said...

Nice. Schnyder called and said he'd be over to fix the plumbing soon.

MaryFran said...

Yeah for you for recognizing what could possibly lead to regaining weight and taking steps to control it!

deanna said...

look at you... progress, progress, progress, your evolution to a new you, is so healthy, and needs to be applauded *claps hands and cheers*. It's nice to see it and know that it can be achieved, even with the daily battles that we face with our eating issues! GOOD FOR YOU!! And yes, great qualities in a therapist. : )