Monday, May 5, 2008

My first sweat-wicking garment

It's official. I'm a runner now. In anticipation of my summer training for the marathon, I purchased my first sweat-wicking t-shirt on Saturday. I can't believe I spent $35 on a t-shirt, but I suppose I'll feel better about it this July when I'm running through the split-pea-soup-humidity of Kansas City. Summers in my lovely hometown are pretty brutal. Of course, this will be the first summer in a very long time that I'll feel okay about wearing shorts, so I suspect I'll be much more comfortable.

Speaking of shorts, I also got some running shorts on my shopping excursion. Perhaps I've mentioned before that I haven't worn shorts in public since I was about 13 years old. This morning I ran through the streets of my neighborhood wearing my new shorts, and feeling the cool air on my legs was awesome and strange. I passed a few other people on the sidewalk. No one looked down at my legs in disgust or horror. When I made eye contact, I never saw "I can't believe she's wearing shorts" in their eyes.

Yup, I care way too much about what other people think; it's true. That's something I'm working on, and I'm getting better. Still, whenever I conquer something in my thin body which felt uncomfortable in my fat body, I get a little nervous. As my brain catches up with my body, a more confident and care-free person is emerging.


abby suzanne said...

If you dont have moral difficulty shopping at wal-mart they have sweat wicking t-shirts for $10 here in Colorado. Of course, they only have men's but I am about the same size as you and a mens small works perfectly.

BrandNewMe said...

I needed something to get me to the gym all the time and went out and bought new sweats and shirts that are sweat-wicking. I have champion from the men's department (Target). I am no where near ready to wear the girl stuff in public. I now have enough shirts & sports bras for everyday but only 3 pairs of sweats. Knowing that I've spent that much money eggs me on. Plus, I'm looking forward to the girl stuff ;)