Sunday, May 4, 2008

Argh! / Congrats to Jennette

When I picked up my packet for the Dragon Dash 5K the other day, I opened it up and noticed that they'd registered me as a male. Not a huge surprise, considering the fact that my name is androgynous. So, I called them to get it corrected. No answer. I emailed them, and never got a reply. The morning of the race, I went to the volunteer table, flashed my boobies, and said "See? I'm a girl!" Okay, I didn't flash my boobies. But I explained the situation and they wrote it down and said they'd get it corrected before the results would be posted.

So, imagine my dismay when I checked the results page today and they still had me down as a dude. The way it looks now, I'm the 30-year-old man who finished third-to-last. Not so great. However, if you take my official finish time of 28:52 and plug it into the "females ages 30-39" category, I came in FOURTH!!!! This is freaking awesome, but no one will ever know because those stupid idiots think I have a damned Y-chromosome. I'm so pissed. I wrote them another email. Grrrr.

on a brighter note...

Most of you who read this blog also read Half of Me. Jennette ran her half-marathon yesterday and did an awesome job. You should go to her blog, read all about it, then tell her how awesome she is. I'm about to, myself! Go Jennette!


Julie said...

ah that sucks that they put you in the wrong place, but 4th!! You rock!

Anonymous said...
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