Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thou shalt not go to the grocery store while hungry

I broke the cardinal rule of dieting yesterday. I went to the grocery store while I was hungry.

In the old days, this would mean that I'd wind up buying 2 different kinds of Ben and Jerry's, maybe some stuff from the Chinese food area (think deep-fried goodness), and a package of Pepperidge Farm Milanos. This time, I definitely bought some things that weren't on the list, but they were all diet friendly.

I picked up a red bell pepper and ate it like an apple as soon as I got home. I also got some bagels, but get this- they were only 110 calories each! They're not the mini ones, either. They are very decently sized. This was exciting. What's a bagel without cream cheese? I had to get some fat free cream cheese to spread on my low cal bagels.

So, the "don't shop while hungry" rule is definitely true. However, it wasn't a catastrophe.

In other news...

All the muscles in my chest and shoulders have really been bothering me the past few days. When I inhale, I get a semi-sharp pain just under my collarbones. I'm not too stoked about running on the treadmill tonight.

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