Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting back in the swing

After eating a lot off crazy stuff like we did over our birthday weekend, it's difficult to get back in the saddle with the diet. All of that salt and sugar builds up in your system, and then you crave it like mad. Angie and I are both struggling with this today.

The plan was to be totally on the wagon as of yesterday. However, we wound up stopping by my parents' house last night because they had forgotten one of our presents when we saw them on Sunday. They had the leftover birthday cake, and we each had a big honkin' piece with ice cream. So, the diet yesterday was almost perfect, with that one 600 calorie exception. That's a pretty big exception, but it was totally worth it. My mom makes awesome cake, and it was my 30th birthday cake. I think 30 years earns an extra piece, dammit.

Today I have adopted the "One Good Day" motto. During The Biggest Loser tonight I'll do what I can on the treadmill. I have a 4-mile race, The Trolley Run, at the end of this month. I need to be preparing for it. My body is used to doing 5K races now, so anything over 3 miles of continuous running and my legs want to stop working. On Saturday, I did a 4.2 mile run, and right after mile 3, I had to stop and walk a few times. So, I need to start working my way up.

In October, I hope to run at least half of the Kansas City Marathon. Right now, I'm shooting for the half. If, at that point, I feel I'm prepared, I might just do the whole thing.

Oh- something I forgot to mention in my last post:

My weigh-in on Saturday revealed that I'm down to 161, which is a 2 lb. loss from last week! Before I started my weight loss, my goal weight was 160. Now, I'm thinking 150-155 is a more suitable number for me, and my physician is okay with that. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing for a while and see what happens. Now that I'm weighing in weekly rather than daily, my stress level about the whole thing has gone way down. What a nice birthday present it was to see that number on the scale! I was sure I'd gained after the pizza party the weekend before!

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