Monday, March 24, 2008

Scaling back

I've decided to weigh in weekly, rather than daily, for a while. Lately I've been feeling my self-esteem plummet whenever I step on the scale. I've lost so much weight, and it's a huge accomplishment, so I should feel good about myself, right? That doesn't happen too often these days. My self-talk has been more and more hurtful.

Remember that morning I stepped on the scale and it said 163? I was so happy, elated, emotional, and proud. That was the only morning that number appeared. The next few days it hovered around 166, and this was before I started sneaking handfuls of cereal. My diet and exercise were perfect, and still I wasn't seeing that number that had made me so happy before. It made me feel like a failure, but WHY?

I'm sick of feeling that way every single morning. It's not healthy for my ego to take a hit every day at 6:00 am, nor is it a good way to start the day. Back in the early days of my weight loss, when I'd see a smaller number every few days, it was like opening a little present each morning. Now, not so much.

I'll weigh in on Saturdays for a while and see what happens.


mongolove said...

I just want to reiterate that I think that is a very good plan.

deanna said...

I agree it is not good to start your day off not happy. Weighing in once a week is really really hard but worth it. It takes a lot of strenght for me to weigh in once a week - I need structure - If I weighed myself every day I would binge if I see the number up and binge if I see it down. You have accomplished so much, there is so much more to your accomplishments that what it says on the scale - not many people can do what you did - take a break from it and give yourself a hug for all that you have accomplished.

Kendra said...

When you're losing weight, there's always positive enforcement when the numbers keep getting lower. When that stops, it can be very hard to lose that positive feeling, and it's difficult to get such a sense of accomplishment by staying steady in the same range. But it really is an accomplishment to maintain. I think weighing less often is a good way to take the focus off the numbers, which don't really tell the truth about everything you've accomplished.

Anonymous said...

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