Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And Doogie saw that it was good

As I'm sitting down to write this post, Angie tells me I'm in Doogie Howser mode. Remember his cheesy little computer with the blue screen? Did you ever notice that he never actually recorded what occurred in his life that day? He'd just write stupid little adages. I remember thinking "Man, this dude is going to be 60 years old, reading his old diary, and he'll have no f-ing clue what he was talking about."


When I decided to stop weighing myself daily, I'll admit I was nervous. I've been stepping on that scale every morning for nearly a year, so saying goodbye to the habit was difficult. I haven't weighed myself since Sunday, and I'm feeling surprisingly fine about it.

In general, I've been less tense. I've been replacing some of the nastier things I say to myself with positive things. Even the cereal addiction is subsiding. Okay, I did eat maybe a gram of All Bran this evening when I was packing my breakfast and snack for tomorrow, but big whoop.

Also, I feel lighter, and my ring is looser on my finger. I've noticed that stress and tension makes me puff up like a blow fish, so it stands to reason that I'll retain less water if I'm more relaxed.

So, to sum up, I think I made the right choice. On Saturday I'll weigh in and see if I've lost, maintained, or (gulp) gained this week. I'm hoping to see 163 or less, but if I don't, there will be no panicking or beating myself up.

I'm trying to think of some cheesy, introspective, Doogie Howser-ish way to end this post, but maybe you can just assume I've already done that so I can go to sleep. I'm tired.


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mongolove said...

LOL :) Remember the episode where he eats a handful of cereal and then throws himself out the window out of shame?

Oh, nevermind. LOLOL.