Sunday, March 9, 2008

My pledge

Today has been rough. I've had a lot of junk food. I had ice cream, buffalo chicken wings, and fries. I was craving sweet stuff, so Angie and I went to Sheridan's, where I had what they call the "Mother In Law Concrete," which has chocolate chips, rice crispies, and bananas. It's pretty delicious. I really didn't feel guilty after eating it. I ran 8 miles yesterday and walked 5 today.

Angie had a jones for salty stuff, so we wound up at some sports bar at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, eating chicken wings about half the size of my forearm, as well as French fries. I wasn't at all hungry, and I still ate the stuff. The whole time, I knew I was f-ing up royally, but I did it anyway. It felt very, very wrong. It seemed almost criminal... I told Angie I might as well be doing lines of coke, because that's seriously how bad I felt about myself during and afterward. It's now about three hours later, and I'm still sick to my stomach.


As I was finishing off my last wing, I made a pledge that until my birthday (Apr. 5th), I will not have any more spontaneous cheat foods. What I mean is, I will stay totally on my plan. I can have the occasional cheat item, but it must be planned and within my calorie range for the day. There it is. I'm putting it out there for all of my readers (all three of you) to see.

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Anonymous said...

Morgan sounds like you have your mind set you can do it you have the willpower! Just wish I could get with the program too :(
You are doing so good with your exercising! Good luck with your 27 day challenge. Tracy