Thursday, October 2, 2008

Taper time

Even before I started my official marathon training, I was looking forward to the "taper phase," in which I gradually reduce my mileage before the big event. Taper time is finally here. Less running, no cross-training, and more sitting on my butt. I like the taper phase already, and wish we could have gotten acquainted much sooner. I'm ready to be done.

With the big day only 2 weeks away, I'm starting to wonder what life will be like after I cross the finish line. I must admit I'm really burned out on running right now, and I'm excited to try out a different routine. I've been thinking about taking spinning or boot camp classes at a local gym, but we'll see what happens. I don't want to commit to anything now, because there's no telling how I'll feel after running 26.2 miles. Maybe I'll hate it, and my running shoes will collect dust for a few months. Maybe I'll catch the marathon bug and want to do another one right away.

I've heard about people getting the "post-marathon blues," almost like postpartum depression. There's all this build-up, preparation, and hard work put into it, and then all of a sudden it's over. Training has definitely been my "baby" for the past few months, and part of me will probably be sad it's over. The other part of me will be doing a happy dance...after I regain use of my lower body.

Subject change...

Tomorrow is Saturday, so I'll be stepping on the scale. I've been (mostly) off fast food this week, but I did have one slip-up. I'm predicting that I'll either maintain, or gain a pound. Check the sidebar tomorrow for an update.

Also, I'd like to thank everyone who checks in to read about my silly life. Your support, tips, and words of inspiration always make me happy. Every time I see a comment come in, I get excited. Please keep them coming!


Topher said...

In a way I feel like I've been tapering for a month or so. As my long runs got longer, I found myself cutting back on miles during the week (against plan, but whatev'). I, too, am not sure what the 19th will bring. Maybe a break from running over the winter to focus on my old treadmill at an 8 incline for an hour walk every night to lose the weight I gained training for this or maybe something else altogether.

Have a great wkend.

Anonymous said...

hi morgan,

just want to congratulate you on your improved eating habits. i hope you realize how much you've improved in that area. i mean, i can definetely see how you've improved.

thanks for being so damn inspiring. i won't be running a marathon but u remind me to work out!

SuperDave said...

Good luck on your long run Sunday. Is the 22 miler you did the other day the longest that you'll do before the race?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your run. I'm not a runner and marvel at those who do. I just wanted to say that I've struggled with falling off the wagon, and I noticed that Pasta Queen has been also. Though I don't wish anyone to go backwards, it's been inspiring and actually makes me feel more connected to the human race to see others who are brave enough to document that struggle for the world to see. It made me reassess and I'm back to my healthy routine (mostly). I liked your therapist's observation about "expecting" this time to come. It's like I'm getting free therapy! Thanks for the inspiration and honesty!