Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Now what?

With the marathon behind me, I'm looking for a new goal. My running friends are all thinking about their next race. Maybe a 10K or a half-marathon next month? Hmm.... I don't know. Am I ready for that?

All my running books say I need a few weeks off from hard training, especially after the beating I've just put myself through. I haven't exercised since Saturday. At first, I wasn't physically able to exercise, since I could hardly move my legs. Yesterday, however, I was pretty much back to normal. It was strange and surprisingly uncomfortable to be watching The Biggest Loser from the couch, rather than the treadmill. I felt guilty. In fact, the post-marathon depression that I've heard about is here, big time. Yesterday I felt incredibly down. I kept thinking that I'll never again feel like I did when I crossed that finish line. I'll never have another first marathon. Still, there's nothing I can do about that, so I have to try my best to move on.

I put in a few emails to some personal trainers around Kansas City. I figured a few sessions would be a good idea. Now that I don't have the "I'm a training for a marathon and I need a lot of carbs" card to play, there's no reason why I can't lose the weight I gained during training.

My next move is to just plan my next move. There are lots of options. I just have to research them, pick something, and get on board.


Topher said...

You may never run that first marathon again, but you could always run your first marathon on stilts. Just something to think about/work up to.

SuperDave said...

or juggle while running a marathon.

Queen Sarah said...

I know exactly what you mean about needing a new goal after a marathon! I dealt with (or averted, actually) my let-down in kind of an extreme way, which I don't necessarily recommend ~ I decided to run 50 marathons in 50 states. Later, it evolved into a very, very long-term goal of training for a 5K the Saturday after I turn 100. That made me see the marathons as training runs. :-)

You can read about it on my blog, if it helps give you ideas you can use! I was asked to write about it for the 50 States Club this summer, so the post is back in August.

Now, whenever I run a marathon, I make sure I'm already signed up for the next one or two, and that seems to help.

Good luck with your next goal!

deanna said...

what about a tri or a dualthon? I am doing a dual in a few weeks and am stoked about it - it's a shorty but it should be fun plus it changes things up!! I am sure you will figure something out. Be well!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

So what did you think about the Biggest Loser last night? This is the first season I've watched from the beginning.

Sounds like you should start planning a new marathon!

kilax said...

How long do they say the depression lasts? How long are you supposed to not exercise? Could you at least do some light-walking on the treadmill for now?

I am all about signing up for a new race the moment I complete one! But... I haven't run a marathon! That may be different ;)