Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sweet 16 / Q&A: Fat talk

I spent most of Saturday morning in pain. Body parts that I was blissfully unaware of previously were screaming at me. It was hot and humid. It was my first 16 mile run, and although I was hurting, I was (mostly) loving it. I once heard the coach of my running group say that if you can run 16 miles, you can probably finish a marathon. If my body hurt that much during Saturday's run, I don't want to imagine what 26.2 will do to me. Afterward, I walked around like I had a redwood tree up my butt, and my mind wasn't quite right. I felt confused and emotionally fragile, like I could break down in tears at any moment, though nothing was wrong. After a couple Tylenol, a hot shower, and plenty of water, I was back to normal. The upcoming week will be a recovery week, so I'll back off a bit on the running and try to keep my eating in check.

Subject change...

One of the questions I received from a reader was this:

I've got a question - I read an article not too long ago that had been written by a woman who had lost over 100 lbs. She said that a few times she's had weird conversations with people who didn't know her when she was at her heaviest. They'll make derogatory comments about fat people, and expect her to join in...when really, she's horrified by what they just said. At the time she wrote the article, she said that she still hadn't figured out how to respond to these people. Has something like that ever happened to you?

Fortunately for the people out there who have a problem with overweight individuals, this has never happened to me. Because if someone were to make a rude comment like that, I'd get angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, because...I', I'd tell you you were mean. Yeah, that's right. Don't f*** with me.

Seriously, though, most of the people I interact with know my story. So far, I've avoided this kind of talk. Sometimes, when I'm daydreaming, I imagine what I'd say if I were ever in that situation. I'd like to think I'd stand up for the fat people of America. In reality, I hate confrontation and I'm kind of a weenie. Hopefully I'll never have to find out.


Binx said...

Hi Morgan! I just stumbled upon your blog and read through a bunch of the posts, and the whole "Intuitive Eating" thing bothered me a bit. Obviously some things work for some but not for all, but that idea seems very flawed. For many people, food is an addiction and saying, "eat whatever you want, whenever you want-- make the right decision on your own" is like giving an alcoholic a bottle of gin and telling them to drink but not get drunk.

What do you think? What is the authors experience with binge eating/ obesity/ weight loss, etc?

excessive.exposures said...

16 miles - that's wonderful - are you in a run/walk program or did you just run the whole way? Were you "sore" after or just tired and run down? I'm just starting marathon training so I'm only up to 5, and the most I've ever done is I see 16 on my calendar in about a month and a half and I am scared!