Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some pics

A couple of people asked for more pictures, so here we go!

This is about the biggest I ever got. Those are my size 26 jeans, and my XXL hoodie that barely covered me. It was about a year later that I started trying to lose weight.

I remember when this was being taken. I tried to stand sideways in an effort to appear thinner. Worked really well, eh? This is the final picture I have of myself when I was obese. I never allowed myself to be photographed after I saw this.

On my way down on the scale, and feeling better about being in front of the camera. I was maybe 200 lbs. in this picture.

Here I am at 185 lbs. Feeling great!

Angie and I ringing in 2008. We drank our champagne by 6:30 p.m. and passed out at 9. Clearly, we're the life of the party.

161 lbs! This was taken before a 5K race. See how happy I look? After the race was over...not so much. I totally wore myself out and thought I was going to faint after I crossed the finish line. However, I beat my previous 5K time, so who cares about a little wooziness?

At the St. Louis Zoo. I'm the one in the foreground.


Kate said...

Love the photos!

Topher said...

Lookin' happy! And awesome job on your 16 miler! I'm working my way back up to get on track with the miles. Hopefully I don't die on Oct. 18.

Courtney said...

Incredible journey! Congratulations on your accomplishment - you look amazing!!

SeaShore said...

At the St. Louis Zoo. I'm the one in the foreground. LOL

Thanks for posting those; love before/during/after shots! Reminds me that I need to take some durings, even if the thought makes me cringe.

In particular I noticed the open hoodie in the first picture, as opposed to the fully buttoned, loose jean jacket in the last picture. Must feel pretty darn good.

spunkysuzi said...

Awesome pictures ;0

deanna said...

Thanks for sharing the photo's, it's great to see the progression and you can actually see the happiness in your eyes as well! Great work.

Katie said...

Morgan you look awesome! Congrats on such a huge success. I'm on my own journey right now to get healthy, so far I've lost a little over 65 lbs. Thank you for the inspiration :)

SuperDave said...

Elephant , LOL!!!

kilax said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! The one of you and Angie is so pretty :)