Friday, July 11, 2008


For some unknown reason, I haven't had any caffeine this week. When I get to the office in the morning, it's typical for me to grab a cup of the swill that they keep on tap here and chug it down at my desk before I start dealing with customers. It gives me a nice little buzz and helps me get my "guard" up, or my defenses, or whatever it is that keeps me from crying when I talk to mean people.

On Monday, though, I didn't get any coffee. There was never a moment when I said to myself "I think I'll quit caffeine." It just sort of happened. Yeah, I'm a little tired, and I've gotten a headache or two, but there have been some good side effects as well. For one thing, I've been sleeping better. The big thing I've noticed is that my desire to binge at night has subsided a bit. It's still there sometimes, like Wednesday when I ate 3 bowls of cereal before bed, but overall it's been better this week. Is that because of the lack of caffeine? Maybe, maybe not.

This morning, a cup of coffee sounds really good, but I think I'll ride the caffeine-free wave a while longer and see where it takes me.


Liz said...

I've been caffeine free for 2 months now and I feel amazing! The coffee buzz was never worth it for me - most times I never felt awake, only really tired when I was crashing. And the lack of caffeine has curbed my appetite - no more craving bingy type foods.

mongolove said...

That's weird, because I decided to try to stop having caffeine this past monday. Did I even mention that to you?