Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh...the chafing

Things that make you a runner:
1) You call it "running" and not "jogging." - CHECK
2) You own a sweat-wicking garment. - CHECK
3) You know what Gu is. - CHECK
4) You've chafed. - CHECK

Ever heard of runner's chafe? It's a very real thing, people. Be afraid. Be very afraid. In the books I've been reading about marathon training, they all refer to the dreaded chafing that can, and probably will, occur during longer runs. They suggest slathering yourself with Vaseline or Bodyglide prior to long runs to avoid this...erm, sensitive issue. Somehow, I thought it would never happen to me. I was wrong. The waistband of my shorts is apparently more constricting than I'd realized. After my 8 mile run on Saturday, I was in the shower. When the soapy water hit my belly- OUCH! I looked down and saw where my skin had pretty much rubbed off. Lovely, eh?

I'm a little nervous to think about the other places I may chafe in the future. Inner thighs? Nipples? Under the boobular area? Perhaps I'll just fill the tub with lubricant and take a dip prior to my next run. Then, I can just slide
down the sidewalk on my belly, like a penguin or something.

The epidermis is totally overrated anyway.


Janet said...

You should be proud of your chafe! Imagine doing enough exercise to rub your skin raw! Wow!

abby suzanne said...

That is quite some chafe!
I just got my first tube of body glide after a 6 miler rendered the perifreal of my armpits red and scaley. gross and painful. Get yourself a tube and embrace your running-ness!