Monday, May 26, 2008

Amy Thompson Run to Daylight 8K

Reasons why I didn't want to do this race today:
1) I consumed roughly 4.7 million calories yesterday. My belly felt like one of those yellow barrels they shot at the shark in Jaws.
2) Since my long run on Saturday, my left knee pops every time I take a step, and pain shoots down my shin.
3) It was rainy.
4) My fancy sweat-wicking t-shirt was dirty and I was too lazy to wash it yesterday. Busy with the 4.7 million calorie festival.
5) I was just in a pissy mood, thought I'd have no fun, and race poorly.

Reason why I made myself do the race anyway:
1) I mentioned it on the blog and didn't want to back out.
2) I already picked up my t-shirt, and I wanted to earn it.
3) Those timing chips they give you have to be handed in, or else you get fined.
4) I wanted to eat barbeque today and not feel bad about it.
5) Sometimes we just have to suck it up.

I'm glad I went. Angie and I found a parking spot about 1/2 a mile from the starting area. By the time we walked over, it was time for me to line up.

This was the 7th race I've run. I've never worn my iPod during a race, but I felt it was necessary today because I needed all the motivation I could get. You know things aren't looking good when you wonder "How much farther?" only 1 mile into a race, especially when it's a 5 miler. About 2 miles in, it was really raining. I didn't have my hat, and my glasses were getting soaked. I could hardly see. Just then, I heard a woman mutter "I'm glad I wore my contacts today" as she passed me. Tripping other runners is frowned upon, right?

I don't want to make a habit of using my iPod during races. Technically, it's against the rules, even though everyone does it. Today, however, I'm so glad I had it. My selection of running tunes helped me through miles 2-4, when I thought I'd have to stop and walk because my knee hurt so bad. Then, suddenly, my knee completely stopped hurting. Endorphins kicking in? Possibly. A more likely explanation is that ibuprofen rules.

My finish time was 47:17. Not too shabby, considering I was in pain, bloated, and in a foul mood at the start. The mood-altering effects of running are quite amazing, as the picture below clearly demonstrates. For the record, I am not stoned.

Now that I no longer feel like the Ice Queen with a bum knee, it's time to get my BBQ on. Woot!


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