Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cubicle prison

All I can seem to think about today is running. When I went home during lunch to let the dog out, the beautiful spring weather beckoned me.

Don't go back to work, Morgan. Get your shorts and shoes on, Morgan. Let's go for a run, Morgan.

Since we're off on Friday anyway for a long Memorial Day weekend, I figured it would be bad karma for me to play hookie. So, I pouted as I forced myself back into the dark, cold, corporate fortress that is my office building. There's so much meaningless noise in my workplace; I can't think. I'm ready to hear nothing but my feet hitting the pavement, with maybe a few lawn mowers and barking dogs thrown in for good measure.

I have 6 miles to log tonight. I've spent a good part of the day visualizing the route I'll take. If I concentrate really hard, I can smell the cut grass and the occasional exhaust fume from a passing car. Heaven.


abby suzanne said...

Have a good run!

goodbyetoallfat said...

Hi Morgan,

I just came across your blog and am impressed with the layout you have got, with all your stats down the right hand side.

As a brand newbie blogger it's nice to see how other people have progressed.

I am right at the start of my journey, weighing in at over 300 lbs, so I have more than 100 lbs to lose, but am impressed to find out that you have lost that much already! Way to go!

Best wishes

deanna said...

so impressed that you don't use music to run...you are a real honest to goodness runner! I say that because a friends father is the president of one of the NY runners club and he forbids IPODS or headphones. You GO girl! Congrats!!

mongolove said...

wow. that was a good post. very magaziney :)