Friday, May 2, 2008

5K May

In honor of my one-year weight loss milestone, I've decided to run in four races this month. The first, the Corinth Dragon Dash 5K, is tomorrow. It seems like every time I've run a race, the temperature has been in the low 40s. The forecast is the same for tomorrow. Standing around, waiting for the race to start, I'm always freezing cold at these things. I'm sure I'll be begging for cold temperatures this summer when I'm training for the marathon.

I'm still trying to get into the "I'm a runner" mentality. Part of me still feels like sort of a fraud for saying I'm a runner, but I don't know why. After making my final decision to train for the marathon and posting my plans on the blog, I felt very nervous. What if I'm crazy and/or stupid for doing this? I know people with less running experience than me have successfully completed marathons, but can I be one of those people? Most experts recommend a minimum of one year of experience before signing up. At the time of the marathon (Oct. 18th), I'll be just shy of that mark.

I've had a few people try to convince me I'm making the wrong decision. They say I'm not ready, the training will kill me, I should do a half-marathon first...yada yada yada. Here's the thing- this not a decision I took lightly. I know the training, especially the long Saturday runs, will be grueling. I know the marathon itself might very well be hell on Earth.

I'm still going to try. I know I can do this!

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mongolove said...

I know you can do it too! Who told you it would kill you?