Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ah, the excess skin post. You knew it was coming.

Yup, I have some of the stuff. After losing this much weight, it's pretty much unavoidable. My main problem area is right about my belly button. It's not bad at all. I've seen much worse. However, it does annoy me and I feel like it's obscuring all the definition I know is there somewhere. I also have an issue in the triceps area- the dreaded "Oprah arms." My boobs are saggy. They look like deflated balloons. Finally, all the stretch marks I accumulated while gaining the weight are now much more pronounced. In some areas, my skin looks like crushed velvet.

The question then turns to plastic surgery. My mom seems to think I'm young enough that my skin will bounce back, but I think she's wrong. The idea of breast reconstruction is very tempting, as is a tummy tuck. However, going under the knife for something that's not medically necessary seems like borrowing trouble to me. My current plan is to wait a couple years and see what happens.

While it's sometimes maddening that my naked body doesn't fully reflect all the hard work I've done, I can deal with it for now. Living with a little loose skin is better than living with 100 extra pounds.

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