Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Get thee to a glucose rehab facility

After the sugar bonanza that was my trip to St. Louis, my body now thinks I need it all the time. I keep telling it it's wrong, but I'm still getting signals to eat chocolate, cake, frozen yogurt, etc.

Yesterday, after posting about how crappy I felt, I heard a rumor there was cake somewhere in my workplace. My ears perked up like my dog's when we ask him if he wants to go for a ride in the car. Cake? There's cake? Where's the cake? Do you think they'd let me have some cake?

I located the aforementioned cake and determined that it was from Costco. With the exception of my mother's chocolate cake, Costco is pretty much the end-all-be-all of cake. I cut myself a very small square and put it on a plate. The plate was really unnecessary, because I wolfed down the stuff in such a rabid fashion.

I felt a tiny twinge of guilt after eating it, but I talked myself down with the reasoning that I needed to wean myself off sugar after the weekend I had.

After dinner, I always have a sugar free fudge pop. It's routine, and it's safe. They're only 40 calories, for crying out loud. Well, we were out of them. The crazy sugar monster emerged again from deep inside me. I turned to Angie and said "I'm going to go get some frozen yogurt. Do you mind? Do you want anything?" I was almost manic.

Frozen yogurt has become my new food fixation. It used to be an occasional treat...maybe once or twice a month. I've found myself making the 10-minute drive to TCBY more and more frequently. Normally, my intention is to get a small 96% fat free cup of yogurt with no toppings. Sometimes, when I get to the store, I stick to the plan. Other times, the shiny glass case enclosing the various toppings gets the best of me and I get some MNMs. This time, I wasn't even going to pretend I was going to be good. I got the medium size (which is actually quite a lot) with both MNMs and Reeces peanut butter cups. I was barely able to wait until I got home to dig in. I finished my yogurt too quickly, then began eyeballing Angie's.

I'd like to say I'm 100% better today, but I'd be lying. A co-worker friend of mine brought in cupcakes today, and I'm seriously considering having one. Sigh... is there a rehab facility for sugar addicts?

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