Monday, March 17, 2008

Scale anxiety

I was really nervous about weighing in this morning. It's typical for my weight to fluctuate day to day, which is normal and not something I need to stress about. My weigh-in was so wonderful yesterday, however, I didn't want to backtrack. I stepped on and it was 164. No biggie; I've still lost 100 lbs. I followed my eating and exercise plan yesterday, so I know I didn't do anything "wrong." It still irked me a bit, though.

Lately I've been considering a weekly weigh-in, but I honestly don't know if I could stay off the scale more than a couple days. I'm of the opinion that a daily reminder of my progress is a help and not a hindrance.

A question to my readers: how often do you weigh in, and how did you decide how often to do it?


G.G. said...

I'm struggling with this right now. I weigh myself semi-daily, in part because I'm trying to de-sensitize myself to those annoying little fluctuations. Don't know how well it's working, though--it's easy to think it works when the weight is steadily going down, give or take a pound rebound--harder when you think you might be in a plateau.

Deanna said...

I only weigh myself once a week on Monday. I want to weigh myself everyday, but I am an emotional eater and if I see the number creep up or down it's not good for my ego - if it's down, I will binge, if it's up I will binge. It takes a lot for me to stay off the scale, I have to drag myself away from it. especially if I am having a particulary great couple of days, I want to see the progress, it has taken me about 10 years to figure this out about myself. My husband on the other hand weighs himself every single day - he is like you, he wants to stay in check. But unlike me, he has about 2 pounds to lose, and I have 50!!