Sunday, March 16, 2008

Inside my kitchen

Going to the grocery store is an errand that a lot of people dread, but I actually like it. I enjoy figuring out menus for the week, writing out a list according to the geography of the grocery store layout, and getting the stuff on the list.

One of the things I like the most is unpacking the groceries, then gazing upon the bounty. Wanna know what our kitchen looks like after I put the groceries away? Good! I thought so.

Here's the pantry. On the bottom shelf, from left to right, you have brown rice, tofu, cashews, soup, oatmeal, diced tomatoes, black beans, vegetable broth, canned artichoke hearts, cannellini beans, chicken broth, cereal (aka The Devil), and cooking spray. On the middle shelf, we've got some baking needs, like baking powder, flour, etc, Sri Racha sauce, soy sauce, pasta, and dog food. Top shelf- more baking stuff, then our lunch boxes.

In the freezer on the top shelf, we have some puff pastry that's been in there for about 18 months, some frozen mixed berries (for smoothies), and a log of lean ground beef that I'll be using for Moroccan Beef Patties with Couscous on Friday. On the bottom shelf, we have Boca sausage links, Boca bratwursts, and Boca burgers. Next to that is a box of Morning Star corn dogs. The crock pot meal in the back has probably been in there for two years. I need to throw that away. Then we have some whole grain blueberry waffles.

Last but not least, the beloved Frigidaire. The drawers in the bottom have lots of bell peppers, carrots, zucchini, herbs, and other veggies. On the bottom shelf, there's a smoked turkey kielbasa for a stew I'm making tomorrow, and a bowl of random leftovers. In the drawer to the left is deli sliced turkey (mostly for the dog) and assorted shredded cheese. Above that, lots and lots of light vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese, jello, a random bottle of Miller High Life on its side, and water. Top shelf- a container of sliced mushrooms, salsa, no fat sour cream, wraps, pickles, and applesauce.

There, now. Wasn't that pretty sweet?

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The Lady of Things Forgotten said...

I feel very dissatisfied with my kitchen now.