Friday, February 29, 2008

Microwave meltdown

Almost every day, I go to our company break room to nuke a cup of Campbell's Soup at Hand. Just like every other day, I went up there this afternoon, put in the container, and set the microwave timer for 1 minute and 30 seconds. I turned around to look at some magazines sitting on the table, and when I turned back, the microwave was billowing huge clouds of stinky, acrid smoke.

I called the extension for the guy around here who fixes stuff and he said he'd be right there. Next thing I know, the fire alarm went off. The entire building was evacuated. This is a really big building that I work in, too. I'm not sure how many people work here, but it's got to be over 1,000.

Even though it's not my fault- I followed the instructions just like I always do- I still feel like kind of a jackass. Also, since I stood in there for so long inhaling the fumes, I'm feeling kind of nauseous, headachy, and dizzy.

Here is my artistic rendition of the event that just occurred:

And now, I think I'm leaving early. This better not affect my race results tomorrow.

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