Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-day / My sucky workout this morning

Happy Valentine's Day, gentle reader(s). Three coworkers brought treats today, including cupcakes, which are my Achilles heel. I was able to resist temptation, but those cupcakes looked really good. And they were miniature, too, so I easily could've rationalized it and said "well, since they're small, I can have one." Then I would've eaten 4 or 5.

I'm saving my calories for tonight's "Steaky Steaky Morgan Makey" Valentine's dinner, which I'm preparing for Angie as soon as I get back from the nursing home. The last time I had a filet mignon, I distinctly remember it being roughly the size of 4 x 6 photograph. Granted, that was in a restaurant, where they serve big portions. I did a little research last night and discovered that a 6 oz. filet mignon is about 350 calories, which sounded reasonable. So, when I visited the butcher and asked for 2 dainty fillets about 6 ounces each, I was slightly disappointed when I saw him grab a couple steaks the size of my iPod Nano. Okay, maybe a little thicker. But damn! I was expecting it to be bigger. Oh well, I'll be rounding out the meal with lots of asparagus, and I'm making Angie a baked potato also. I decided last night I probably shouldn't have a potato, but now that I see what a hockey puck my steak will be, I may change my mind. For dessert we're having strawberries and fat free Cool Whip. Nothing says romance like a plastic tub of a science experiment masquerading as a dairy product.

Subject change...

Alcohol kills my workouts. I had two light Heinekens last night. (Sidenote...playing Guitar Hero while slightly tipsy is AWESOME.) When I got on the treadmill this morning for my workout, I couldn't run. It just wasn't happening, so I walked the entire hour. That was fine back when I first started exercising last year, but nowadays, walking is boring as hell for me. I'm still proud that I finished the workout rather than copping out because I couldn't really run.

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