Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tuesday Night Rituals

I have three rituals that I do every Turesday night:

1) Eat 2 vegetarian corn dogs with a side of light potato chips, mustard and ketchup
2) Watch The Biggest Loser
3) Try to break a previous fitness record

When I started exercising 9 months ago, it was a real struggle for me to walk to the local park and back. That's about a 25 minute walk at a brisk clip.

On Tuesday night- are you ready for this? I jogged 45 CONSECUTIVE MINUTES. Consecutive. That means all in a row. Knowing that I have this ability opens up a whole new world. I could run a 5k and not have to stop to walk halfway through. I could run away from a burglar, or a policeman. I am reborn, I tell you.

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