Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Honey and vinegar

I haven't done much to benefit my fitness this week. I met all of last week's goals, but have yet to make new ones for this week. After a long walk with a friend on Sunday, I was left with blisters with their own zip codes, so it's been a little difficult to walk. This is no excuse for avoiding food-related goals, I realize. It's already Wednesday, so I'm a little late for the ballgame. Don't worry- I haven't forfeited yet; it's more like a rain delay.

The old adage "I'll start on Monday" is a common one in the world of weight loss, and I'm certainly no exception to thinking that way. Why I think it will be easier to start on a Monday is a mystery, considering Mondays are incredibly stressful for me. Every Monday, some unseen force (the promise of money, I suspect) compels me to wake up, shower, get dressed, and drive to my job, where around 300 emails from angry people await my reply. As I'm writing back to the guy who doesn't know me, yet is sure I am a butt-f***ing weasel (yes, I've actually been called that by a stranger), I'm thinking about how a cheeseburger or a cupcake would make it better. The guy who calls me a weasel is a complete stranger, and I shouldn't care what he thinks. I do, though. More than that, I care that he is mean to me. I wonder if he knows that the person he is writing to is a human being- a funny, clever, fat human being with blisters on her feet. I wonder if he knows that his rant makes me want to binge on spaghetti and meatballs until I'm about to burst. People seem to think that the anonymity of email gives them permission to treat the reader like a punching bag, but rest assured, that punching bag is a person. It might even be me. So please, for the love of cupcakes and cheeseburgers, be kind to the customer service reps you deal with.

But I digress. My point is that Monday does not a good starting point make. Thank goodness today is Wednesday, or I'd be in real trouble.

Oh, and to the dude who called me a butt-f***ing weasel: I have your name, your credit card number, and your home address. Suck on that, douchebag.


Chrissie said...

I can't 'start Monday' for anything either - and I'm not even working at the moment! Something about the day (or maybe the shared despair of everyone starting a new week) just sucks the joy of living out of the world... Personally I usually start Sunday, unless I can manage to persuade myself to pick up immediately, that way when Monday comes I feel like I've already made some progress and shouldn't waste it...

Mae Flowers said...

I can relate with you here! I work in customer service too. I get to talk to them on the can about imagine! It seems like if they can't see the person, they feel free to say WHATEVER they want!

michellez said...

I always try to be nice to customer service reps! But just think of it this way, when people are spewing off profanities and insults at you, just look at them as insane mental patients and forgive them, cuz usually they're not in their natural state of mind when writing those angry emails.

Thomas S. Moore said...

Great post! I think being nice to customer service reps is a must. Since I have been there before I know how some customers can be and you never know who they just got off the phone with.

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