Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An interview with PastaQueen

Fellow weight-loss-blogger and author Jennette Fulda, aka PastaQueen, is doing a virtual tour to promote her book, Half Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir. I was flattered when I was contacted by her publicist to take part.

So, while I sit here and wallow in self-pity because I have the stomach flu from hell, here is a Q&A session with Jennette.

Q: You recently admitted to yourself (and to everyone who reads your blog) that you are a compulsive overeater. Why do you think it took you so long to realize it, and how have things changed since then?

A: I was lucky not to encounter any extremely stressful events during my initial weight loss. Without any huge triggers, it appeared that my eating was under control. I had never attempted a serious healthy eating and fitness plan before, so I assumed my weight problem was caused by lack of knowledge.

This past year I've dealt with the stress of starting a new job, promoting a book and dealing with a chronic headache. I began to realize that these stressors made me want to eat and that this urge to eat was not necessarily felt by other people around me who could leave meals half-finished on their plates. Eventually I realized that my brain is wired a little differently than other people's and that I like to use food as a drug when my life is out of control.

I'm using several strategies to manage my overeating. I don't bring trigger foods into my house. I know that if I buy a box of granola bars, I will probably eat the whole box, so I try to buy single servings. When I cook meals, I try to make only as much as I want to eat so I don't have an opportunity to binge. These techniques help, but it's still a struggle.

Q: Training for and running my marathon was one of the most challenging things I've ever done. What were you favorite and least favorite things about your half marathon experience?

A: My favorite part was eating a Cinnamon Crunch Bagel and knowing I'd already burned off the calories I was consuming. This might be part of the reason I gained a couple pounds while training instead of losing weight :) I also enjoyed pushing past my limits. I would never have run in ice and snow and negative degree temperatures, but I did those things running with a training group. I was surprised I was able to do it, but I don't have any desire to do that again:)

I didn't enjoy gaining weight when I was exercising so much. I also resented the amount of time it took to train, particularly near the end when I had to complete several 45-minute runs a week. Getting the runner's trots after my training 10K run wasn't pleasant either.

Q: You've been dealing with chronic headache pain for several months now. How has it affected your commitment to a healthy lifestyle? Do you think there is hope to lose weight for overweight people living with chronic pain?

A: It's harder to get up the motivation to exercise when I'm in pain all the time. Remember the last time you had a headache? Did you feel like doing anything, let alone run or bike or jazzercise? I feel like that all the time. It also makes me want to eat more because enjoying a pint of ice cream or a box of chocolates genuinely makes me feel better, if only briefly. My medications don't seem to do anything, but the Steak N' Shake milkshake never lets me down.

I went through a pretty bad time last September and October, but I seem to be pulling out of it lately *crosses fingers* I've found that if I eat well 80% of the time and moderately exercise I can maintain my weight without gaining. Now I have about 25 pounds I'd like to lose again.

I think there is hope for overweight people with chronic pain to live a healthy life and perhaps lose weight, but it depends on what is causing their pain. If you have a bad back or arthritis it is more difficult to find an activity you can do, but there are options like water aerobics (as lame as that might sound). My doctors have also told me that regular exercise helps moderate chronic pain. People who get 30 minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week will be in better health and feel slightly less pain than those who don't.

Q: In your book, Half Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir, you don't specifically say what type of diet/exercise plan you used to lose weight. Why did you feel the need to keep that out of the book?

A: I believe that any healthy, sane diet that enables you to eat less calories than you burn will result in weight loss. I did not want people to think they had to follow the exact same diet I did to see results. Different plans work for different people. I also did not want to appear to be an evangelist or spokesperson for one specific diet. Nor did I want to be answering questions about the diet plan for the rest of my life. It's easy to find out what diet I was on my scanning my blog, so if you really want to know you can find out.

Q: Do you find that maintaining your weight loss is easier or harder than losing the weight in the first place? Why do you feel that way?

A: Maintenance is definitely harder than losing weight. I still have to do all the things I did when I was losing weight, but I do not get the positive reinforcement of seeing a lower number on the scale each week. Instead, I get to see the same number, or sometimes I see a small gain. I am also bombarded by temptations from other people and advertising to eat poorly. It is difficult to say no 20 times a day for the rest of your life.

It's also easy to get bored with a routine. If I eat the same meal too many times, I tend not to want to eat it again. If I do the exact same running routine 4 days a week, I get sick of it. I see my relationship with my body like any relationship. There was an initial phase of joyful infatuation that was lots of fun. Now I'm a couple years in at a more comfortable phase where I have to work harder to keep things interesting.

Q: Suppose a pill existed that would melt away excess pounds overnight. It has been tested in 50-year studies by the FDA, and has been determined to be perfectly safe. It has no side effects whatsoever. Would you take it? Why or why not?

A: Yeah, I would :) I love eating ice cream, cookies, and chocolate. If I could do that and not get fat, I'd eat a lot more of them. That said, I would also eat healthy foods out of concern for my overall health and because eating chocolate all the time gets old (believe it or not). I find that once I've had a milkshake or some cookies, I don't necessarily want to eat them again for a day or two. It's important to have variety in my diet like in my fitness routine. Also, just because a pill could stop me from gaining weight, it wouldn't keep me from building up plaque in my arteries or developing diabetes, so healthy eating could not be ignored completely.

Wow, thanks for the great insights, Jennette.

Now, if you haven't already, go buy her book! I got my copy the day it came out, and I can honestly say it's a great read. To keep following Jennette on her virtual tour, be sure to tune in tomorrow at This Mama Cooks!


john - from fat to fit said...

Great interview! I would take that pill too I'm afraid.

Tara said...

Nice interview!

Um, I would be signed up for that pill in one hot minute. I might even do it if the side effects were things that wouldn't kill me or make my offspring have webbed feet.

mongolove said...

hey, the kids would be great swimmers....I'm all for the pill!

Anonymous said...

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zoerdunn@optusnet.com.au said...

Dear Morgan

Hi. My name is Zoe, and I live in Sydney. I discovered your blog last week, then spent several nights reading the whole thing. I really loved it, and could hardly wait to get to the end so I could respond and say how much I love your blog, how great you are, how nice your kitchen cupboards are - blah blah, I'm sure you've heard it all before!

When I reached the end, I found a bit of a sad ending. Not because you've gone off the rails a bit - far from it - you're bloody fantastic. Because there's a sense that you feel you've reached a point of no return, or something.

I think what's happening is just normal. After slogging away at losing weight, you then slogged away at some extremely impressive running goals..the marathon! OH my GOD! I was envious, and so proud.

I believe you're having a completely justified reaction to all that slogging away at something hard. Give yourself some time off!

I do hope you don't lose your enthusiasm for blogging though. Reading about the minutae of your daily life, written so beatifully was a treat.( I'm not creepy, by the way).

Take care,


weight loss said...

Wow........I believe you're having a completely justified reaction to all that slogging away at something hard. Give yourself some time off!.... :)

Anonymous said...

Morgan, please come back!

Anonymous said...

Morgan, we miss you!!! :(

Sara said...

Nice interview!

SeaShore said...

I hope you are well, Morgan. Take care.

KaNtWheYt2012 said...

Great blog and very motivating. I read about your blog on another weight loss blog (kimkinsdiet.blogspot.com). I'll visit again soon. Happy losing!

Anonymous said...

I really miss reading your posts Morgan! Hope you come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Morgan, I miss you! Hope to see you here soon!

Herbalife Australia said...

Great interview.. i tried to find the book?? is it not out in Australia as yet??
think i would take the pill too!!

MB said...

Morgan, where are you? Hope all is well and hope to see a new post soon. Happy spring!

TotallyFried said...

Morgan - I miss reading your blog. I check it out atleast once a week in hopes that you have written something.

cwalker3 said...

Maintaining is a problem with many people, but as long as people make a habit out of a healthier lifestyle everything will work out.

MB said...

Hey Morgan -

Hope you had a Happy Easter and hope to see you back here soon. We miss you!

moni said...

Where oh where is Morgan???

Liz said...

Could you please post something already?!?! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

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