Monday, November 24, 2008

Gobbler Grind Half Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Gobbler Grind half marathon. The weather forecast was calling for another chilly morning, so I put on pretty much the same outfit I wore for the previous weekend's race.

Angie and I drove out to the race site and met with Pritha, Ellen, Mandy, and Michelle. We were all looking forward to a light, easy run. I was going to treat it as a fun run, not worrying about setting any personal records.

We started off at a very slow pace to get warmed up. After that, we all went at our own speed. Pritha, who always has a secret goal in mind, cruised ahead. Mandy and I settled into a comfortable pace and spent the entire race together. Ellen and Michelle were close behind us. It was a really pleasant course; most of it was spent on park trails.

After about 8 or 9 miles, we weren't talking much. When the chatter stops, this usually means that we want it to be over. Mandy and I crossed the finish line together, with a time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. We met up with Angie and Pritha (who set a PR), and watched Ellen and Michelle cross the finish line.

I was standing around the finish area, when I was approached by a guy I'd never met before. His name was Jared, and he said he was a fan of the blog and wanted to introduce himself. This was the first time I'd ever been "recognized" because of my blog, and I must admit it felt absolutely wonderful.

Now I just need the paparazzi to follow me around. And a posse. You can't be a celebrity without a posse.


SuperDave said...

You are a racing machine! One more turkey run for me and the cold will not see me again until spring.
And it's not even winter.... ughhh

kilax said...

What an honor that someone recognized you! And I love how you are so casual about this half marathon! I hope I am like that someday :)

Kelly said...

Great job Morgan!!! You look great in your picture, and how cool to be recognized!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Morgan. I hope you're getting medals for all these marathons you're running. You're looking awesome. How many more are you going to run?.... Heather

courtney said...

Seriously, Morgan - you are amazing. That is all.

Pritha said...

You have your entourage - us! And a little dog to boot! All you need is an agent aka Ari Gold and you're good to go ;)

And I got recognized because of you - for doing nothing other than tagging along with you! Ha!!

ashley said...

I saw you there but it was right before the race started so I didn't have time to introduce myself. Actually I am in the background of your picture...look at the top left and you'll see a white Nike headband. You can't see my face but it's me...congrats on another good run.

deanna said...

That is awesome!! So, who would be in your posse?

Oh.. good job on the run!

abby suzanne said...

It looks like you already have a posse in that picture!