Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Yesterday evening, I was taking a stroll through my old college campus. The trees were already changing into their fall colors. However, it was difficult to see just how beautiful they were, because the sun was quickly setting.

At a nearby table, I noticed a few familiar faces...old friends. I went over to chat, but when I arrived at the table, things got weird. My friends' eyes were cat-like and yellow, their teeth long and pointy, and their faces bumpy. They had changed into vampires, and were no longer feeling like catching up on old times. They wanted to kill me.

I ran away as fast as I could. I could hear them close behind, laughing and taunting me, but I didn't look back. I ran for miles and miles, and I couldn't help but be grateful for my marathon training, which gave me the endurance to keep going. They were still there, though, toying with me. They'd let me get pretty far ahead, and just as I'd think they were too tired to keep up, they'd inch up right behind me. Vampires don't have to worry about stopping to drink Gatorade, or eating GU gels. They just wanted to eat me, and they were about to do just that.

Thankfully, I woke up before they were able to do so.

I ran more in my dream last night than I've run since my 22-miler on Saturday. Even though I was feeling great the day of the run, the following day I wasn't so good. I was totally drained and exhausted, and I also felt a sinus cold coming on. So, I decided not to do my usual Monday and Tuesday runs, opting instead to let myself recover a bit.

This morning, I woke up feeling more exhausted than I'd been when I went to sleep last night. I blame the vampires. I'm not a huge believer in dream analysis, but surely the notion that "running can be draining" plays into it somehow. Vampires, draining, chasing, running without an end in sight, and fear of death/dismemberment... all the good stuff was there.

I need a nap.


Normalcy Redefined said...

Great post, Morgan! You have a very unique way of expressing yourself...

Oh, and I feel the same way. I couldn't even run 7 on the treadmill yesterday. Left with a blister and a new pain on my foot which wasn't there before. I am starting to think everything that could possibly go wrong before the marathon is.

See you soon!

elife said...

Have you been watching "True Blood?!"

SuperDave said...

That is hilarious! I didn't understand your post until I got half way down the page. I thought "vampires" meant evil former friends! Silly me..
Rumor - If you rub Gu gel all over your neck the vampires won't mess with you.