Monday, June 23, 2008


In my opinion, having a routine is one of the essential ingredients in a weight loss success story. Honestly, the fewer choices I have to make about food on any given day, the better. Monday through Friday is very routine for me. Even though I'm not exactly happy at my job, I can pretty much expect the same things to occur each day I spend in my cubicle, which is a good thing:

Reply to mean emails, avoid treat table
10:30: Eat a snack
Reply to mean emails, avoid treat table
12:00-1:00: Go home, eat lunch
Reply to mean emails, avoid treat table
2:30: Eat a snack
2:35 -4:00:
Reply to mean emails, avoid treat table
4:00: Eat a snack
Reply to mean emails, avoid treat table

Weekends throw me off. Although we make tentative plans, there is no set schedule to tell me when and what to eat. Everything seems haphazard and spur of the moment, even though it's not. It's just because I'm out of my routine that things seem crazy. As you may guess, this poses a problem.

On Saturdays, I do a long run, which makes me feel ravenous the rest of the day. Out of a sense of entitlement and also real, physical hunger, I allow myself to eat more on Saturdays. This usually means we'll go get a huge salad and the world's best cupcake at The Mixx. It never ends there, though. Saturday night there was the Chinese buffet. Sunday, we went to our favorite Indian buffet. Oh, and let's not forget two trips to TCBY, the bag of Reese's Pieces at the movies, and the spicy Italian sub and giant cookie I ate for dinner last night.

Needless to say, I spent much of the weekend in a self-induced calorie coma. It doesn't feel good when I do this. I enjoyed the salad and cupcake, but after that, everything was a blur. As we drove to the Chinese buffet on Saturday night, I felt like I was about to steal money from my grandma to buy drugs or something. It was a feeling of pre-regret, like I knew I was about to do something really, really wrong. I did it anyway.

Today, my body is trying to rid itself of all the toxins I fed it. "Monday Detox" is becoming a regular occurrence. This can't continue. While I understand the need to have an occasional indulgence, this doesn't mean I need to go completely nuts all weekend long. My goal for next weekend will be to avoid buffets. Baby steps.

This is a learning process, and even though I've screwed up countless times, I bounce back and start again. I haven't binged in a week, which is a pretty long time for me. The "it's not in here" note on the refrigerator is still working its magic.


Kristin said...

I completely sympathize, weekends are bad for me too; a complete lack of structure and control (this one being worse due to stressful times coming up at work). This morning I was saved from what would undoubtedly been a horrific experience on the scale due to a low battery. I did hop on the old-style scale, but I saw where the needle was headed and leaped right off again! It usually takes till Wednesday to stabilize again. Ridiculous!

Topher said...

Wow, that's some daily schedule M-F! I'm out of control on the weekends; my "indulge in one treat" turns into three days sometimes. My challenge right now is that I'm increasing my mileage and trying to run harder, but it's increasing my appetite like crazy! I guess it's all in the planning, right? Plan for being hungry, and be prepared with things that are ok to eat so I can fuel my body. Hang in there; there are others like me in the same boat with you and I find it encouraging when I know others are trying hard to be good, too.

Anonymous said...

It's not in here, it's not over there, it's not in the drive-thru, it's not at the buffet. I need more signs! Very clever idea! I read you everyday and feel as we mirror a lot of the same feelings and struggles. Your knee and my shoulder. I pulled my rotator cuff and felt as if my body was rebelling & working against me. I was really deflated. The weekend binge is hard for me to control as well. I have to repeat what everyone else say: Morgan, you are very inspiring. Being so honest with your ups and down is very courageous of you!

Keep it up!