Thursday, June 26, 2008

Decisions, decisions

Thanks to all your comments, I'm now convinced I need a new driver's license. As soon as I have the money (I'm broke from paying my shrink), I'll be in line at the DMV.

Today I also decided to increase my caloric intake. The last time I did this, which was in February, I was extremely reluctant and nervous. I was worried I'd stop losing- or worse- gain. Still, the pounds kept coming off, albeit very slowly.

Ideally, I'd love to lose another 10 pounds to get to 150. With marathon training, however, that probably won't happen. I've decided it's okay for me to go into maintenance mode until late October. I've gone to countless web sites and entered my information into their calculators, and I'm definitely not eating enough. This could explain why I binge every few days. I've felt really hungry lately, but sadly, I'm never 100% sure if my hunger is real or imagined.

My hope is that my desire to binge will subside if I give my body a little more fuel each day. Just like last time, I'm nervous. I'll probably see a gain on the scale for a week or two, then it should even out.


spunkysuzi said...

Your on the right track. sometimes i find that increasing what i eat shakes up my body somewhat ;) I'll be interested to see how it goes !!

Anonymous said...

Hi Morgan,

You're doing 10 miles now and that takes a fair amount off energy to do - as you increase your running you'll have to increase the carb intake to allow yourself to run those distances. You are doing really well - don't forget that!

all the best

Mal said...

Especially if you're having a hard time distinguishing hunger (and have a tendency to binge) I would totally wholeheartedly agree that upping your "rational" intake is a good idea. When I'm taking best care of myself, I eat a lot of very small meals and never really dip into hunger-ville. The meals are thought-out and healthy and I never feel the need to pig out.

We're rooting for you!

JourneyGirl said...

Maybe you aren't drinking enough water? Sometimes when I'm really thirsty I feel hungry too. After drinking a bunch of water I feel full. Just a thought....