Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weekly weigh-in

As I stepped onto the scale this morning for my weekly weigh in, I was 't sure what to expect. Would I gain from my binges earlier in the week, or maintain? I'd pretty much ruled out a loss. I was very pleasantly shocked when I saw 159 staring back at me. I'm in the 150s!!! The last time I saw that number was probably in junior high. Amazing!

A couple weeks ago, I bought some size 10 Bermuda shorts. They were really snug and gave me a muffin top, but I decided to buy them for motivation. I put them back on this morning and they fit perfectly.

I know the number on the scale shouldn't have the power to dramatically lift or lower my mood, but damn was I happy about seeing that number today. In fact, it gave me the little push I needed to get through this family party tonight. Thanks for your comments on how to deal with the situation.

Angie and I have decided to bring our own food. I'm thinking a nice mixed green salad with grilled chicken, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and feta sounds almost as delicious as lasagna. Okay, I'm lying. But at least I'll know that I'm eating the best food I can to prepare for my race tomorrow.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a full report on the Parkinson's Foundation Steps to the Cure 5K.


Julie said...

Congrats on your new number!!

MaryFran said...

Woah! Congrats on getting to the 150's!!!! That is totally awesome!

MB said...

Congratulations on getting into the size 10s with no muffin top!

The Lady of Things Forgotten said...

I didn't know what a muffin top was until I saw the Life Savers commercial...and then someone had to explain it to me because it just confused the hell out of me. Congrats on the shorts!