Thursday, April 17, 2008

Weighing in / Road trip

I had to weigh in a day early, because I'm going on a 3-day road trip to St. Louis with my mom. This morning, the scale informed me I weigh 160 pounds. That was originally going to be my goal weight, so it's kind of a milestone weight for me. However, my goal weight has changed to 150. I spoke to my doctor about it and she says 150-155 would be a good maintenance range for me.

In about an hour, I'm on my way to St. Louis. I'm taking my mom on a mini road trip for 3 days for her birthday (which was in February). We're going to bum around, go to the zoo, and go to a LOT of antique stores. That's her thing. My mom and I haven't spent this much time alone in a few years. I'm looking forward to it, but I will have to be very careful to stay in a good mood the entire time and not get crabby for any reason. We tend to play off each other's bad moods, until our bitchiness has grown exponentially. That's no fun for anyone, believe me.

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