Thursday, March 20, 2008

Serial Bowls / Lenny Syndrome / Toadfood / Another 5K

I have all kinds of fun stuff to talk about today. It's the first day of Spring, it's 67 degrees outside, I'm wearing jeans at is good.

Serial Bowls

First, I wanted to talk about our serial bowls. Doesn't she mean "cereal bowls," you ask? Nope. Serial bowls. Let me explain. My girlfriend has a creepy but endearing obsession with all things serial killer. Last year, as I was strolling through Urban Outfitters, I saw these bowls and immediately knew they would be a Christmas present for Angie.

I love eating my All Bran and yogurt out of these things. It's strangely fun to get that last dollop of vanilla yogurt from the bottom of the bowl and see Charles Manson staring back at me. I can't use the Dahmer bowl, though, because he's creepy. Not the other three, just Dahmer.

Next topic: Lenny Syndrome

In Jaime's blog post today, he made a great analogy about Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Here's what he had to say:

"If you've never read Of Mice and Men, Lenny is the big, dumb brother who doesn't know his own strength. Actually, if you've seen My Name is Earl, I guess it's pretty much the same setup. Anyway, it turns out I am Lenny (or Randy, for you Earl fans), and my weight loss is my precious little pet mouse. Okay, I could also be describing the scene from Tommy Boy where Tommy describes his failing sales abilities to a slightly freaked out waitress. I guess this is a story as old as time/mice.

So I get the mouse, I pet it, and it's happy. All is well. Then I think, if I pet him twice as hard, he should be twice as happy! So I do, and the mouse either dies or just becomes very jaded at having a stupid owner. Either way, I have failed as a mouse owner. This is the story of my recent weight loss."

This made SO much sense to me. Since hitting the 100-lb mark, I've been petting that mouse so hard I think its little head is about to pop off. I'm working on easing up, but it's difficult.

Next topic: Toadfood

My parents refer to tofu as "toadfood." They're not fans of the stuff. They think it tastes like sweat socks. Personally, I think the stuff is delicious. It's like a blank canvas, in that it absorbs all the flavors you're cooking with. Last night, I made Red Curried Tofu from the Cooking Light web site, and it was really good. Anything that makes my house smell like an Indian restaurant is a good thing in my book, especially if there are leftovers involved.

Last, but not least: the next 5K

I signed up for my second 5K race, the Olathe Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K. Jaime and Jessica (another friend from work) will be competing in the half marathon. I don't think I'm ready for that yet, so I opted for the 5K. It's my second race in a month! Since I'm only running 3 miles, and those nut jobs are running 13, I'm planning on waiting around for them to finish. That way, I can cheer them on, and also get a photo of the 3 of us together.

Whew...that's it!


Anonymous said...

Yikes!scary bowls. Anywho-- I was wondering were you get all your recipes like sausage and bean stew? Good for you signing up for another race YOU GO GIRL!

Morgan said...

I get the majority of my recipes from If you go to that site and then put "sausage and bean casserole" into the search bar, you'll see it.

mongolove said...

What kind of sicko eats out of serial bowls?

Anonymous said...

hi there, can u tell me where u got the bowls? i'm from michigan... i'm not a psycho i just love crime stories and spooky stuff haha i'm a punk rock kid, what can i do about it? haha please email me if u could.. thanks so much! -jessica in detroit

Anonymous said...

we were selling them at urban outfitters, there are actually a whole series of about 10 of them, but through some lawsuit about the usage of the photos or something they all had to be destroyed, which is awful because we had just gotten in the last one to complete my collection and by the time i had gotten to work they were all smashed!!! so sad.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy can you email me where you got those bowls?!

I've been looking all over.

Lilli Spain said...

Where can I get these bowls?? I've checked urban outfitters website, no luck, and I can't find another link anywhere. If anyone can find a website, please email me bettspai81@yahoo

Lilli Spain said...

If you can find, let me know pleeeez